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Screaming BusinessmanWelcome to the Creative Asylum!

So… you wanna be an entrepreneur and you have a great new business idea? Maybe you’ve already started a business but it’s simply floating along on an even keel, barely profitable or, worse yet, a sinking ship. You’ve set a few goals and you’ve got big dreams but you’re no marketing guru, and neither are your partners or employees.

Now what?

Stop banging your head against the wall!

Shel-Shok caters to new startups, solopreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. We find creative, strategic and integrated solutions to the business and marketing problems that leave you with unsightly knots all over your noggin. Having been in your shoes, we fully understand that many companies are pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, especially in today’s economy. That is why we first strive to help you help yourself. If additional help is needed, our affordable “shok treatments” are the perfect cure. Simply “911” us for a FREE consultation and check-in to the asylum!

Also find medicine-cabinet loads of tips and other self-help resources by checking out our “shokiatric couch”  (Facebook), ”shok tweetments” (Twitter) and “straitjacket” (Google+).

The “Shok Dok” is always in!

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