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Michelle Sawyers Harris, M.S. (aka "The Shok Dok")

Michelle Harris, M.S.

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As founder and chief shokologist of Shel-Shok, LLC, I’d like to welcome you to my creative asylum! I assure you that I am NOT crazy (though others may disagree). But, at one point, I was in the same aggravating spot you may be in – banging your head up against a wall trying to figure out exactly what marketing is all about. Unfortunately, while I was creating pretty marketing materials in the corporate world during my early career days, I didn’t have anyone to tell me why I was doing what I was doing and whether or not it was effective.

Having an educational background that was limited to Fine Arts and Advertising Design (early education involved Biology), I took it upon myself to learn how to market by obtaining a Master of Science in Marketing and Communications. But, lucky for you, I have years of education and experience under my lab coat so you don’t need to worry your little head about that. I mean, after all, you wouldn’t find out you have a broken leg and try to go in and do surgery on it yourself now would you?

Throughout my years being in the field (over 15 to be exact), I have found that some companies just don’t put much thought into marketing planning and strategy development. And as a result, those companies eventually ended up on a sinking ship or, if not for profit, missed out on many opportunities to get the right information out to those who most needed it. Since you are reading this now, it’s refreshing to know that there are people out there looking for the right solutions rather than just winging it. And, in today’s economy, winging it just won’t cut it.

Shel-Shok sets itself apart from many other service companies in that we don’t just make things pretty or sound good while allowing companies to sail off in a sinking ship. We do our research and develop strategies for our clients to ensure that their marketing efforts are inline with their company goals. We help them help themselves first as many small businesses are bootstrapping. Then we work closely with them to do what they may not have the staffing or knowledge and skills to accomplish. We are all about results!

No matter what head-banging marketing problem you are suffering from, the shok dok is always in!


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