The Asylum

About the Shel-Shok Creative Asylum

Creative, Strategic and Integrated Solutions

Shel-Shok, LLC was established in 2006 in Ohio to provide creative, strategic and integrated solutions to head-banging marketing problems suffered by new startups, established businesses and non-profits globally. We’ve relocated to the gulf coast of Florida and offer everything from graphic/web design, social media or marketing help to DIY information, bootstrapping resources or specialized training. Let us help!

Corporate Training and Coaching

Michelle is available for public speaking engagements and workshops where she uniquely use nature and biological processes to make connections to various corporate-related topics designed to teach about marketing tools and techniques, as well as to motivate groups, for effective communication, team building, diversity management and other topics.

Green Marketing Products and Services

Shel-Shok, LLC is an advocate for “green” business and sustainability practices to help conserve natural resources. When applicable, we offer and promote the use of green products and services, such as mobile business cards and green web hosting. Help us save the environment.

Environmental Education and Advocacy

We also proudly sponsor environmental education programs developed to get kids and people of all ages outside, enjoying nature, learning about science and taking part to help with conservation efforts through citizen science projects and by living greener lives. We especially like bugs (insects, spiders, millipedes and other arthropods) and share their importance and need for conservation.