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Welcome and step right into my office and make yourself at home…

Who’s Shok Dok?

I’m the Founder, CEO, Chief Shokologist of Shel-Shok, LLC. I have 20+ years of experience providing sustainable and integrated marketing services for clients worldwide coupled with a PhD in Management and Finance (expected 2019), an MS in Marketing and Communications, an MA in Biology with a focus on Environmental Education (expected 2018) and a BA in Pre-medical Biology. My educational background also includes the completion of graduate coursework in Entomology, undergraduate coursework in Fine Arts and Advertising design plus professional development certificates and certifications in Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Project Management, Environmental Education, Emergency Medicine and Safety. In my free time (I know, right? What’s that?), I organized local networking events and conducted workshops and seminars for entrepreneurs and those interesting in starting their own businesses.

What’s With the Name Shel-Shok?

I occasionally get questions about the choice of company name, particularly from war veterans. I originally began using the name shel-shok in the early 2000’s. The name is a play on words that symbolizes a combination of my nickname “Chelle” (shel) and the tendency for me to “shock” (shok) clients after magically producing outstanding work with very little information to start. Since shell shock is a term for a psychological disorder caused by traumatic events, it all too well played right into my interest in medicine. My earlier career in medicine and childhood dream to become a doctor serves as the inspiration for the brand and unique approach.

Having worked as a private industry and state government employee for 15+ years, I now devote 110% of my time to my own “patients” (business clients). If you need help with your head-banging marketing problems, the “Shok Dok” is always in!



P.S. I’m always up for a cup of coffee (or virtual drink)! Let’s chat…

Michelle Harris, founder and director of Shel-Shok, LLC


Michelle Sawyers Harris (“Shok Dok”)
Founder / CEO / Chief Shokologist